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Red light for Hummer

Posted Thu 22nd July 2010 at 16:18

A builder's claim to import a Hummer into Alderney has been refused.

Jurats at the Court of Alderney dismissed Mark Maurice's application for a judicial review, after the States of Alderney refused to issue an import licence for a Hummer H2 Lux. The court also awarded costs to Mr Jeremiah.

Mr Maurice, who claims to have spent £130,000 on the case, branded the decision 'disgusting'. He said he would appeal.

Former States chief executive David Jeremiah vetoed the licence application last year - despite the vehicle meeting width, length and weight guidelines. The car in question is 15ft 9in long, 6ft 9in wide and weighs less than 3t laden. The maximum vehicle length in Alderney is 30ft; the maximum width is 7ft 6in. The island's weight limit is 10t laden.

During a two-day hearing earlier this month, Advocate Iain Harris, representing Mr Maurice, said Mr Jeremiah had abused his position and made an unreasonable and unfair decision.

Advocate Richard McMahon, for Mr Jeremiah, said import licenses were not granted 'out of right'. He also said Mr Maurice's Hummer was bigger and heavier than any vehicle which had ever been imported for private use.

The court found Mr Jeremiah did have discretion to refuse the application.

Jurat Steve Collins, chairman of the bench, said: 'The Jurats find that Mr Jeremiah acted reasonably in dealing with the application.

'His decision was within the parameters of reasonable decision making when taking all factors into account. The decision is not so unreasonable that this court should intervene.'

Speaking outside court, Mr Maurice said: 'That's not justice. It's disgusting.'

Mr Maurice went on to say he was planning to make another Hummer application next week.

Mr Maurice's mother Lin, a former States member, said: 'I think it's disgraceful. The law says it can come in. If you cannot trust a court to give justice, what's the point of living here?'

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