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A tribute to the King of Pop

Posted Fri 26th June 2009 at 16:43

Written by: Antonia Tootill

To all ages, Michael Jackson is considered a legend of music.

And despite being dubbed Wacko Jacko in the late 1980s, and leading an at times scandalous lifestyle, the American superstar has left a legacy that generation after generation continues to enjoy.

After first hearing about his death I seemed to share the same reaction as many of my friends which varied along the lines of: "what? He can't die, the man is immortal!" A strange view it may seem to some, however, to people of my own age and older, Jackson has been an idol since before we were born and has therefore been a distant, yet great figure of music that we have all grown up with.

Admiration of the artist from young people can be seen from the thousands of texts flying across the country to check if his death is really true and on sites such as Facebook where by 3pm the day after Jackson died, the Michael Jackson Appreciation Group had already been founded with 83 members and more joining globally. The group was created for the sole purpose of sending "your condolences and support for the greatest entertainer in the world."

Within a few hours ITV was already running tributes of hours of solid Jackson music videos which my friend Harrie Sly (not to embarrass her, well it is actually) had been watching since the early hours accompanied by her sobbing mother (a true Jackson fan), who was coincidentally also on eBay attempting to grab as much Michael Jackson merchandise as possible before the prices became astronomical.

Radio shows have announced that Glastonbury has also been hit hard by the news with fans now wishing they were afforded the chance to see the legendary moonwalk one last time.

But why was this man so important to people like me who were born after he had stopped being a star of the time? The answer is simple. Regardless of this man's age and questionable social life, Jackson is still an icon to both fanatics or otherwise due to unforgettable and unbeatable hits such as Smooth Criminal, Beat It and, of course, Thriller ? the video for which is still considered as a phenomenon.

Jackson changed the face of pop music to create a form of pop soul disco groove that will never lose its appeal, even to future generations. His talent as a singer and dancer is also unquestionable which has led him to be a considered as a pop god in the industry.

Whatever went on in the past, The King of Pop's songs will always remain as a perfect way to survive a four-hour road trip once eye spy has been thrown out of the window.

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